90 Day Digestive Repair Kit

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Helps break down and assimilate food, balances the immune system in the gut, promotes regular elimination and good bathroom habits. Supports healthy levels of beneficial bacteria – from non dairy sources.


Our probiotic is guaranteed to contain 5 billion microorganisms and may reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract as well as food sensitivities, gas, bloating and digestive upset.



90 Day Digestive Repair Kit


Includes 3 month supply of GI Repair Formula (3 bottles) & MegaBiotic Skin ND (3 bottles)

Weight 1.5 lbs

3 reviews for 90 Day Digestive Repair Kit

  1. Gina Hicks

    Wow I am so impressed with this system! I started with the Step One and the digestive kit. I am going to the bathroom more regularly and feeling really good – especially with my digestion. Everything is running smoothly and I have noticed an improvement in my skin in just the first month I am getting ready to move on to the next step and will post a review on that kit based on my results.

  2. Cenzie

    I’ve truly SUFFERED for the last few years with food sensitivities and breakouts (cystic acne). After tons of Googling you really start to get an idea about what you should and shouldn’t have in your diet and how badly food sensitivities can effect your skin. I tried an EverlyWell Food Sensitivity blood prick test, which only a couple of things came back on but nothing major. I began the elimination diet and I got rid of gluten and dairy, then eggs. This REALLY helped but around my period I would still get the cysts… it was all so frustrating I just couldn’t figure anything out or what was casing the acne. The full 3 month system was a little pricy for me so I just decided to order everything individually, month by month and follow the steps. I did the first set of 3 products – the detox kit and then I added this digestive kit and I saw great results just within the first 30 days! I moved on to the second step kit and then I kept going with this digestive kit and I ended up adding the female hormone bottle as well. I feel like this is the perfect combo for my specific body. I love how this brand really lets you customize to your needs and you have the choice to go month to month and custom tailor your own routine. I wish they would make skincare products for the face as well as I would love to know what is the ideal face wash and other products to use on the face in conjunction with the supplements.

  3. Dog_Lover99

    I found this kit to be incredibly helpful for my digestive system.

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