90 Day XMA System

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Indicated for hot, itchy, red, rash-like and inflamed skin issues on the face or body.


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90 Day XMA System


In stock

This System includes:

Step One Cleanse kit: 3 month supply

  1. Skin Detox
  2. Kidney & Liver Cleanse
  3. Colon cleanse

Digestive Support Kit: 3 month Supply

  1. SporeBiotic for Skin (formerly Skin Probiotic ND)
  2. SkinZymes (formerly Digestive Enzymes)
  3. Digestive Support Formula

Rose-Guard: 3 bottles

XMA Heat-Clearing for Redness : 6 bottles

XMA Hista-Clearing for Itching : 3 Bottles

Omega Skin: 3 bottles

Inflam-Assist: 3 bottles

Stress Breakouts (formerly Glandular Formula): 3 bottles

Weight 1.8 lbs

3 reviews for 90 Day XMA System

  1. Elaina Mendez

    I have been suffering with eczema – really itchy and breaking out all over my body especially my hands and elbows. Sometimes I even get a bad rash on my chest that would come and go with the eczema. I saw several dermatologists but they just give you a sterioid cream. I did some research and REALLY cleaned up my diet I was eating mostly raw and organic foods, no sugar – no dairy – no gluten and no corn or soy (I did that diet for several months) and yes the diet helped a lot, but I still had the eczema. This system really, really improved my eczema and rash. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is stuck with eczema and what they have tried.

  2. Katrina L.

    You have got to try this… My Eczema story entails a rather long and painful journey. I was born with it 20 years ago and have been struggling with it pretty much my whole life. Sometimes it was here and other times it was gone but I never really could put my finger on exactly what was going on. Yes I could say with stress it was worse, but other than that it just was on and off with no pattern that was obvious to me. The dermatologist couldn’t do much, a steroid cream that was honestly irritating to me as I have extremely sensitive skin. I have to use “natural” and “fragrance free” products and even chemical cleaners bother my skin. Anyway 🙂 I have done 3 eczema kits in a row so i’ve been at it for almost 9 months. I talked to the company before I ordered because I was really nervous to make this investment. I really recommend if you are considering this but not sure that you book yourself for the free phone call that they offer, I got to speak to the owner (Diana). I understand now that it takes TIME AND PATIENCE to really heal eczema but I can tell you that I am getting better and better with this kit in my life. I hope it can help other people the way it has helped me and from what I can tell there really isn’t anything else out there to really heal the skin in this manner.

  3. Alexa Jenner

    Thank you so much for this product! It has helped me to manage my symptoms and relieved the itching and burning that would often keep me up at night and make it hard to enjoy my life.

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