Acne System for Him – Ongoing / Maintenance


Only to be taken AFTER you have completed your Step One / First Month’s kit.


Month two kit has the ongoing essentials to keep you on your acne journey for clear skin.


Instead of the cleanse you will now be on the Step Two Balance Kit which includes 3 formulas to gently detox your body, mineralize your tissues and aid the liver in hormone processing. Continue taking the included Male Endo Balance, Omegas, Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics and Digestive Support formula as well as Omegas.


Gentle Stuck Colon is an addition during this month to address constipation. 


You will also receive tips for diet and lifestyle recommendations to achieve the best possible results.



  • Step Two Balance Kit:
  1. Daily Skin Detox
  2. Hormone Support
  3. Stress Breakouts
  • Male Endo Balance
  • Omega Skin 3-6-9
  • Digestive Enzymes,
  • Skin Probiotic ND
  • Digestive Support Formula
  • Gentle Stuck Colon

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