Digestive Enzymes

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Gut dysbiosis maybe one of the leading root causes of skin issues.


This is due to a potential gut that is leaking food stuffs out into the body, where it does not belong. This may contribute to an immune response as well as lymphatic congestion.


Digestive enzymes are produced in the digestive tract and help to “eat” or breakdown food. Enzymes become depleted as we age due to drinking coffee, soda, carbonated drinks and alcohol, poor diet and taking petroleum based drugs (all prescription and over the counter drugs).


Adding digestive enzymes before meals can help support the bodies ability to begin breaking down food. Chewing thoroughly (30 times per bite) and not taking liquids with meals is also recommended to help balance the digestive process.


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Digestive Enzymes


In stock


Calcium (as Ca Sulfate) 50 mg 4%

Pepsin (3,000 FCC/mg) 50 mg *

Bromelain (120 GDU/g) 50 mg *

Ox Bile 30 mg *

Pancreas Substance 200 mg *

Papain (2,000 USP/mg) 50 mg *

Pancreatin (8x) 50 mg

Yielding:    Protease (200 USP/mg)

Amylase (200 USP/mg)

Lipase (16 USP/mg)*

Cellulase Enzymes (4,000 CU/g) 10 mg *

Betaine Hydrochloride 100 mg *

*Daily value not established.

Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable stearate, stearic acid, croscarmellose sodium, silica, pharmaceutical glaze.

How to Use

As a dietary supplement, take 1 to 3 tablets about 10 minutes before meals. Your individualized dose will depend on what you need so start with one and increase as needed.

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  1. Abby G.

    I added this to the digestive “kit” and have been taking them for 6 months like the website suggested. Before I started this I was dealing with bloating after almost everything I ate. My skin seemed to get worse with certain foods so I played with removing sugar and dairy and eggs. It helped but I just still wasn’t having “normal” digestion and bathroom habits. The digestive kit was very helpful with the enzymes added – I didn’t add the enzymes until the 2nd month as it was a “new” product and I noticed a decrease in bloating and just felt better all together once I added this to the digestive kit… I would suggest they sell this as part of the digestive kit at some point.

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