Red / Hot / Itchy & Inflamed Skin Kit – Month One


This kit is designed to begin to reduce the symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions by addressing the suspected root causes of these issues which include toxic overburden, fungal infection, irritated/hot tissues and gut dysbiosis and permeability.   


You will also receive tips for diet and lifestyle recommendations to achieve the best possible results.



Red / Hot / Itchy & Inflamed Skin Kit – Month One



✤ Step One Cleanse kit: Designed to open up the proper elimination channels in the body to flush toxins.

  1. Skin Detox: Works on the blood and lymphatic system with an organic and wildcrafted list of ingredients that may reduce breakouts and signs of skin distress. 
  2. Kidney & Liver Cleanse:  will help these organs to process out congestion and flush toxins.
  3. Colon cleanse: will bulk up bowl movements as it gently removes toxins, build up and irritants from the intestines and colon. 

✤ XMA for Redness: A formula of “cooling” herbs designed to cool down hot and irritated tissues including the skin

✤ XMA for Itching : Addresses the uncomfortable scratchiness associated with red, flaky and peeling skin conditions.

✤ Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics and Support formula:

  1. Help break down and assimilate food.
  2. Balance the immune system in the gut.
  3. Promote regular elimination and good bathroom habits.
  4. Support healthy levels of beneficial bacteria – from non dairy sources.
  5. Our probiotic is guaranteed to contain 5 billion microorganisms.
  6. May reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract.
  7. May reduce food sensitivities, gas, bloating and digestive upset. 

✤ Rose Guard: A natural candida formula to balance fungal infections in the small intestine. Additionally, the HCL content will help to repopulate the stomach with proper acid levels so that the stomach can properly eliminate pathogens when coming in contact with them. 

✤ Vegan Omega: A coconut based formula providing the perfect balance of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids. Shown to be beneficial for inflammation, skin, hair, brain and gut health. Every cell in your body is made from omegas so it is important to give your body the correct kind of oils while eliminating things like fried foods and canola oils. 


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