XMA 30 Day Kit


Indicated for hot, itchy, red, rash-like and inflamed skin issues on the face and/or body.


You will also receive tips for diet and lifestyle recommendations to achieve the best possible results.



XMA 30 Day Kit


This Kit includes:

Step One Cleanse kit:

  1. Skin Detox
  2. Kidney & Liver Cleanse
  3. Colon cleanse

Digestive Support Kit:

  1. SporeBiotic for Skin (formerly Skin Probiotic ND)
  2. SkinZymes (formerly Digestive Enzymes)
  3. Digestive Support Formula

Rose Guard: 1 bottle

XMA Heat-Clearing for Redness : 2 bottles

XMA Hista-Clearing for Itching : 1 Bottle

Omega Skin : 1 bottle

Inflam-Assist: 1 bottle

Stress Breakouts (formerly Glandular Formula): 1 bottle


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