Excess Androgen Hormone Saliva Test


This complete hormone evaluation is an at-home saliva test kit that includes testing for:


  1. Androstenedione
  2. Progesterone

Excess Androgen Hormone Saliva Test


Why saliva instead of blood?

Hormones in our blood are bound to something called “carrier proteins”. Our hormones are not actually utilized until they reach their destination glands and receptor sites in the cells.

What we’re looking for instead is actual “bioavailability” as this is the superior way to discover excesses and deficiencies. We can get this from saliva since the saliva “glands” are a part of the endocrine or “glandular” system.

From this viewpoint, blood simply does not show proper bioavailability and therefore isn’t the best way to assess proper hormone levels. The result of using blood may result in overlooking issues and not properly diagnosing hormone imbalances.

Blood tests will typically show an overall lower hormone profile. When evaluating “excess androgens” a blood test may show it in range where as the saliva shows 2-3x higher, therefore properly reporting the overproduction where it would have been completely missed on the client who used a blood test.

This leaves the client very confused when they have many of the symptoms of excess androgens yet the blood tests show “in range”.

✔ You can rest assure that saliva tests your bio-availability and you can get an accurate reading from this specialty saliva test.

These values maybe beneficial for evaluating a client’s excess androgen levels that may be causing light to severe symptoms with a woman’s cycle including ovarian cysts, acne, painful periods, lack of periods, excess facial hair, mood disorders and more.

This includes an overview appointment to review your results. Upon purchase we will reach out to you with a link to book a time to get the test sent and instruct you on the proper day to take it.


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