Gentle Stuck Colon

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If you eliminate less than 2-3 times a day or have irregular bowel movements including urgency and consistency, this gentle colon formula may help balance the bowels and colon for more regular bowel movements. *This is not a medical claim.


Add this on and take it with the Balance kit. This formula is gentle and safe for long term use.








Gentle Stuck Colon

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2 reviews for Gentle Stuck Colon

  1. Marcia DiLarenzo

    I don’t have skin issues but stumbled across this product in search of something to help me with constipation. I use this with the two other digestive formulas and I cannot express how happy I am! Not only was I not “moving” but I also had other uncomfortable symptoms that I will spare mentioning here lol but overall my entire gut feels so much better and everything is moving along like it should which feels great after suffering for almost a year from not being able to go to the bathroom more than once every two days.

  2. Cenzie

    This REALLY keeps you MOVING

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