Lighter Cycles


Indicated for women who suffer from heavy bleeding associated with their menstrual cycle.


May also assist in normalizing the cycle and reducing other negative symptoms associated with that time of the month.





Lighter Cycles


This herbal blend contains:

✔ Lady’s Mantle:
Reduces menstrual bleeding
Alleviates cramps
Regulates the menstrual cycle
Has astringent properties / is tonifying on the uterus

✔ Shepherd’s Purse:
Assists with PMS symptoms
Reduces menstrual bleeding (antihemorrhagic)
Increases uterine tone
Warning: Will reduce the effectiveness of blood pressure lowering drugs and beta blockers.

*Not recommended for use with pregnant or breastfeeding women*

✔ Red Raspberry:
Helps regulate menstrual flow and balances hormones
Helps with redness in the skin
Tones the uterus and reproductive system
During menstruation and heavy periods will aid with cramping
Also strengthens the digestive tract and colon while nourishing the blood due to it’s naturally occurring iron content

✔ Black Haw
A general uterine relaxant and anti-spasmodic
Anti Inflammatory

✔ Sarsparilla:
Contains phytosterols that help regulate hormonal activity
Anti inflammatory
Inhibits breast cancer cell growth
Can help lower cholesterol levels


If you have a lack of periods, abnormal or heavy periods, be sure and get checked for PCOS.

You may also benefit from our Step One Cleanse Kit to help remove toxins and endocrine disruptors.


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