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  • This 30 day kit includes:


    • 1 bottle of Vital Antioxidants
    • 1 bottle of Bio-C
    • 1 bottle of Collagen Renew
  • A dietary supplement to support immune system function and collagen health.


    ✔ Vitamin C:
    Helps maintain collagen
    Helps form red blood cells
    Provides antioxidant protection against free radicals
    Supports the immune system


    ✔ Contains Vitamin C in a buffered Ascorbate form. Ascorbate is a Vitamin C molecule with a mineral ion.

  • ✔ 100% Grapeseed extract with 95% proanthocyanidins (POCs)


    A dietary supplement to support the immune system, vascular functions and skin health.
    For those with recurrent or persistent skin or respiratory concerns (due to its ability to regulate histamine) as well as those that need improved joint, immune, circulatory and vascular support.


    Supports capillary strength: Weak capillaries can contribute to bruising, elastin and collagen dysfunction, edema and circulatory insufficiencies.


    Grape Seed Extract also has the unique ability to bond to collagen fibers.It even inhibits the natural enzymes your body makes that normally break down collagen. By restoring collagen, Grape Seed Extract helps return flexibility to skin, joints, arteries, capillaries and other tissues.


  • A unique combination of protective ingredients that work synergistically to:


    Support cartilage and collagen regeneration by providing raw materials for production of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs)


    Support moisture retention, collagen production and skin elasticity


    Balance inflammatory mediators like cytokines and prostaglandins


    ✔ BioCell Collagen® : BioCell Collagen® is made from 100% pure, hormone and antibiotic free, low molecular weight hydrolyzed chicken sternum cartilage extract, thereby providing remarkably high bioavailability and purity.”


  • Indicated for women who suffer from heavy bleeding associated with their menstrual cycle.

    May also assist in normalizing the cycle and reducing other negative symptoms associated with that time of the month.

  • A monthly kit that may be beneficial for women who suffer from PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome) who have a variation of symptoms that may include:

    1) Incredibly painful periods with severe PMS symptoms

    2) Lack of periods

    3) Abnormal periods

    4) Insulin resistance

    5) Blood sugar imbalances

    6) High glucose

    7) High A1C

    8) Pre-diabetic

    9) Stubborn belly fat

    10) Acne/breakouts on the face or body

    11) Facial hair

    12) Elevated testosterones

    12) Anxiety and mood disorders

  • Designed to help balance elevated testosterone / androstenedione levels that are associated with PCOS.

    A combination of natural and wildcrafted herbs.

  • A pure N-Acetyl-Cysteine supplement.

    NAC is an anti-oxidant that normalizes ovulation and improves egg quality. It also supports healthy glucose metabolism and is the precursor to the production of glutathione, the bodies master anti-oxidant and detoxifier.

    NAC also protects the liver from fatty liver disease which is an issue with women who have PCOS.

  • A combination of Quercitin & Curcumin to balance inflammation in the body.

  • Promotes ovarian function and supports healthy insulin, testosterone, FSH and LH balance.

    May be beneficial for women who have blood sugar and insulin issues associated with ovarian cysts, elevated testosterone levels, breakouts and abnormalities with their menstrual cycle.


  • Promotes a healthy blood sugar, metabolism and hormone balance.

    May be beneficial for women who have blood sugar and insulin issues associated with ovarian cysts, elevated testosterone levels, breakouts and abnormalities with their menstrual cycle.

  • Only to be taken AFTER you have completed your Step One / First Month’s kit.


    Month two kit has the ongoing essentials to keep you on your acne journey for clear skin. Instead of the cleanse you will now be on the Step Two Balance Kit which includes 3 formulas to gently detox your body, mineralize your tissues and aid the liver.


    You will continue taking the XMA formulas from month one, the Rose Guard, Digestive Enzymes, probiotics, Digestive Support and Omega 3-6-9.


    Gentle Stuck Colon is an addition during this month to address constipation. 


    You will also receive tips for diet and lifestyle recommendations to achieve the best possible results.



    • Step Two Balance Kit:
    1. Daily Skin Detox
    2. Hormone Support
    3. Stress Breakouts
    • XMA for Redness: A formula of “cooling” herbs designed to cool down hot and irritated tissues including the skin
    • XMA for Itching : Addresses the uncomfortable scratchiness associated with red, flaky and peeling skin conditions.
    • Digestive Enzymes, Probiotics and Support formula:
    1. Help break down and assimilate food.
    2. Balance the immune system in the gut.
    3. Promote regular elimination and good bathroom habits.
    4. Support healthy levels of beneficial bacteria – from non dairy sources.
    5. Our probiotic is guaranteed to contain 5 billion microorganisms.
    6. May reduce inflammation in the intestinal tract.
    7. May reduce food sensitivities, gas, bloating and digestive upset. 
    • Rose Guard: A natural candida formula to balance fungal infections in the small intestine. Additionally, the HCL content will help to repopulate the stomach with proper acid levels so that the stomach can properly eliminate pathogens when coming in contact with them. 
    • Vegan Omega: A coconut based formula providing the perfect balance of Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids. Shown to be beneficial for inflammation, skin, hair, brain and gut health. Every cell in your body is made from omegas so it is important to give your body the correct kind of oils while eliminating things like fried foods and canola oils. 
    • Gentle Stuck Colon: An addition during this month to address constipation.