Omega Skin 3-6-9 (formerly Omega Skin)

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Every cell in the body is made from omega fatty acids.


As we put the wrong kind of oils in our body – such as from fried foods, salad dressings, and processed vegetable oils they become inflammatory in the body and are excreted out of the follicles in the form of sebum, this sebum secretion leads to an infection at the follicle causing a pimple.


This is a balanced omega fatty acid blend from fish.






Omega Skin 3-6-9 (formerly Omega Skin)

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2 reviews for Omega Skin 3-6-9 (formerly Omega Skin)

  1. Cenzie Dee

    I added this “multi” Omega to my 90 Day Acne System for Her and I noticed that the redness in my skin has cleared and my skin looks more “glowy”. This combined with the full system helped me clear my acne by 95% within 90 days!

  2. Amanda Miller

    After adding this to my 2nd month of products I felt such a change in my skin and hair. I also noticed a little better digestion with less negative symptoms after eating. I am not sure if it was this or the Digestive Kit that I was also taking but anyway – I liked adding this on!

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